1973 Datejust 1601 Matte Black Dial

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What Customers Are Saying

Lester D.

Chapel Hill, NC

I came across their site after seeing a Paul Newman Daytona on Uncrate. I’ve been looking ever since and I must say their prices are very very good.

Once I found what I was looking for, I emailed them and Jacek and Kazu were very prompt to respond. Payment and shipping was seamless.

Ryan L.


Great watch, great price, good guys. Too close to home. Now I have to buy the wife a purse every time I buy a watch from these guys. See you guys soon!

John C.


I’ve purchased multiple pieces from Jacek and his team and have never had any problems except my being glued to their website non-stop looking for more. It’s a relief to deal with people that value integrity and quality when it comes to vintage watches (and current pieces also once in awhile).

Keep up the great work HQ and you got a customer for life.

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