Justin Sebesta, Watchmaker

I was born and raised in Arizona, and I'm now happily settled in San Francisco. After training and working as a machinist, I spent two years at the Watch Technology Institute studying Horology in Seattle, Washington. I earned a WOSTEP certification enabling me to work on fine timepieces.

I was employed at the Rolex Service Center of San Francisco for 5 years where I worked on a wide variety of Rolex watches. Quickly my interest was drawn to the vintage models because of the challenges faced when servicing these pieces. I excelled at vintage repair, learning the various nuances of each movement, and soon found myself at HQ Milton. I now own several vintage Rolex models, and love seeing and learning more about vintage Rolex than I imagined I would.

What's on my wrist today:

Vintage 5513 Gilt Submariner with faded bezel from the early 60’s